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Best Ergonomic Chairs for Tall People

Best Ergonomic Chairs for Tall People

Being taller than the average person can have its pros and cons. For starters, being tall generally tends to carry weight socially as most people of average height wish they were a little bit taller.

However, with this increased height comes a lot of problems that a person of average height may overlook. For example, easily finding clothes and shoes that fit correctly. This is because most goods are logically made to cater for the largest number of people – namely, the average in society.

By being taller than average, you will therefore have less choice than others when searching for clothes and shoes. This also extends to your choice of ergonomic office chairs.

Tall office chairs enable you to sit comfortably and with correct posture while at work or enjoying a hobby. We have highlighted some of our best chairs for tall people as well as what makes them so in this article.

Before going any further, it is also important that you consider your desk height! After all, there is no point in having a chair that allows you to sit higher if you no longer fit under your work desk. So be sure that your desk is well suited to your height before shopping for a chair and, if it isn’t, then either shop around for a new one or inform your workplace so that they can offer a more accessible alternative for you.

Office chairs for tall people

In our article on standard office chair heights, we identified that most office chairs allow for the seat to sit at a height of between 16 and 21 inches. As well as having a seat depth of between 15.5 and 18.5, and a width of between 19 and 21.5 inches.

The reason that the average chair on the market will be made to these specifications is so that they are suitable for users within the average height range in the UK, while also being adjustable for people who may be smaller or taller than average.

Seat height is an important factor in deciding on a tall ergonomic chair as it allows your knees to bend at an optimal angle without flexing, which is part of the recommended ergonomic sitting guidelines.

So, you should know that you need to look for chairs on the higher end of that spectrum if you are a man over six foot, or look for chairs in the middle of the spectrum if you are a woman over five and a half foot.

CT220 – High Back

The 66ergononics CT220 office chair is an incredibly popular chair because it meets basic ergonomic needs and has a fantastic entry level price point.

With an adjustable seat height of between 18 and 21 inches, this chair is suitable for anybody up to 6’6” or with longer than average legs.

As well, this chair is classed as a ‘high back’ chair and comes with a back height of up to 22 inches, even if you’re a tall person you can still sit with a supported upper back and shoulders and work comfortably.

There are not many other made to order chairs that you could buy for under £200 in the UK, never mind ones that are good for your posture too.


Core High Back Task Chair

The Core High Back Task Chair is an excellent chair. 

For tall people, this chair is a blessing as it allows you to adjust your seat height all the way up to 23 inches with its standard gas-strut, which is notably larger than the average height range.

If you are looking for one of the best office chairs for large persons, then you will definitely be happy with this chair as it has a capacity of up to 150kg and comes with a very tall backrest height that is capable of reaching 24.5 inches from the seat.

You also get some added comforts with this chair such as a Vasco Memory Foam seat cushion and a choice of either blue or black fabric upholstery.

As with all of the chairs on our list, no sacrifices have been made in terms of ergonomics to accommodate taller people, so you do not have to worry about experiencing pain after sitting for long hours.

Zen High Back Task Chair

When it comes to tall back chairs, there are not many better than the Zen High Back Task Chair.

This another one of our best sellers from Status and is designed to provide the best support possible to your personal body shape through its 3-lever independent back tilt and seat mechanism.

The backrest on this chair features a unique sculpted design that works with the human anatomy and permits ergonomic seating at a range of heights and angles.

And not only does this chair come with a high back that supports your upper spine and shoulders, but it also comes with a headrest that means you can rest your head backwards and remain supported, which is great for taking breaks when you find yourself sitting in one static position for too long.

Possibly the icing on the cake for some people will be that the chair is bursting with personality. You can either opt for the chair in black, cobalt blue, or a striking grey and yellow combination.

HAG Creed 6002

One of the best tall chairs is the HAG Creed 6002. This chair is more unique in its appearance than others on this list, but it is not any less ergonomic. In fact, it offers some very unique features that make it one of the best ergonomic office chairs for tall persons in the UK.

The HAG Creed 6002 comes with the ability to tilt up to 15o forwards and backwards, which permits many more ways to sit ergonomically than your average office chair.

Not only does this chair come with a great height range as standard, but it also allows for a customisable seat height that extends all the way up to 30.5 inches. This, combined with the ability to angle the seat forward, makes the HAG Creed 6002 capable of use as a sit stand chair. This has an advantage over other standing stools on the market as this chair comes as standard with a backrest as opposed to stools that have no backrest.

And the backrest is not an afterthought to the design, either. It is curved in a way that provides lumbar support to the lower spine, one of the major problem areas where people experience pain the most from sitting incorrectly.

Big and tall office chairs at 66ergonomics

And there we have it, a small selection of some of our best chairs for tall people. Providing comfortable and ergonomic seating is important to us, regardless of what your height is, so we hope that you found a number options suitable for you.

Of course, we don’t just stock chairs for big people, we also sell a variety of office chairs for small people, and office chairs for people with many different ailments or restrictions to their seating ability, so see what else we have on sale through our website.