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Best Ergonomic Chairs for Back Pain

Best Ergonomic Chairs for Back Pain

If you spend a lot of your day sat down then unfortunately you are at a high risk of developing back pain. Not only does this include people who work or study seated, but can also include people who have hobbies or interests that keep them sedentary.

If this is you then it is absolutely critical that you choose one of the best ergonomic office chairs to support your spine and prevent any issues arising in your back that could result in you experiencing pain.

Also, if you currently suffer with back pain then you will need to take steps to mitigate this right now to prevent it from getting worse.

By choosing a new ergonomic chair, you will be firmly placing your health at the top of your priorities. Pair this with good seating practices and you will be setting yourself up for success and have the best chance of avoiding back, shoulder, and neck pain in the future.

How sitting can cause back pain

It may not feel like it but when we sit still for a long period of time, we are placing the muscles in our back under stress.

This stress can cause issues that lead to pain. One example of this is isometric contraction, which is when our muscles remain contracted without moving. While isometric contraction by itself is not an issue, it can create pain when our muscles remain contracted for long periods without the opportunity to rest or move.

It was previously thought that there was a recommended way of sitting that could prevent back pain. For example, if you keep your knees at a right angle to your hips, your back placed against the back of the chair, and your screen at eye level then you will avoid back pain.

However, modern studies on the subject support the evidence that we can all safely sit in comfortable positions that come natural to our own bodies provided that our chair supports this and we take frequent standing breaks.

This is why it is so important to choose a chair that suits your natural sitting position rather than being fixed rigidly into one position.

Here is a list of some of our most popular ergonomic chairs for different types of back pain that we find are capable of resolving back issues and are able to be customised so they suit a wide variety of people with different issues.

Best cheap ergonomic chair

CT300 Mesh Back

For great all-round back support at an affordable price then the PAM Health CT300 Mesh Back chair will be a perfect choice for you.

All of the basic features that you would expect on a desk chair are present such as a two lever under seat mechanism allowing for adjustable height and backrest recline.

The backrest features a modern ergonomic curve that supports the lumbar by protruding furthest in the lower third of the backrest. And because it is a mesh material, it is incredibly breathable and comfortable.

A double curve on the moulded foam seat naturally supports your legs and provides comfort by cushioning the bottom of the spine.

There are optional extras that you can include with your purchase such as adjustable armrests, a seat slide, and inflatable lumbar support so that you can make the seat yours by personalising it to your needs.

Best chair for lower back pain

Core High Back Task Chair

If you currently suffer from lower back pain then finding a new chair that supports your posture should be your immediate concern.

The lower back is a hub of nerves that can be damaged by prolonged sitting and regress into complications like sciatica. An office chair designed to ease lower back pain will often be the best office chair for sciatica or other lower back conditions.

The Core High Back Task Chair is a fantastic choice of chair for individuals currently experiencing some form of lower back pain.

Inflatable lumbar support comes as standard on this chair, allowing you to increase the amount of support on your lower back until you reach a comfortable, pain-free position.

More features on the chair allow for complete customisation such as a three level recline, height, and seat slide so that you can sit in the exact position that you want. All the while being supported in comfort by the Vasco Memory Foam seat.

Select your choice of colour, size, and type of castor to create a bespoke, made to measure chair that suits your demands perfectly.

Best chair for upper back pain

Zen II Ergonomic Task Chair

Upper back pain is slightly less common than lower back pain, but that does not mean that it should be underestimated. And if you are currently experiencing upper back pain, then changing your seat can make a massive difference in your quality of life.

The Zen II Ergonomic Task Chair is a really tall chair that is designed to prevent back and neck pain in the first place by suiting your natural body shape. Rest your head and shoulders back and be supported by the adjustable headrest.

This chair also comes with inflatable lumbar support so that your lower back is protected as well as your neck and your upper back.

You can even swap out the gas strut to a high gas strut if you need a taller chair that sits higher off the ground for you to sit comfortably and safely.

Best overall ergonomic chair for back pain

RH New Logic

For the chair that is the complete package in terms of avoiding back pain, look no further than the RH New Logic.

For lower back pain, the chair comes with a backrest that includes adjustable lumbar support and a separate angle adjustment feature that allows you to completely personalise the chair to your ideal sitting position.

The upper back, neck, and shoulders are not neglected at the expense of the lower back as the chair is designed to allow freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders while also offering support with the high back and adjustable headrest.

Be seated in comfort with a rounded seat that waterfalls at the end to improve blood circulation and decrease pressure in your thighs.

The RH New Logic is the ultimate customisable ergonomic office chair. Optional extras give you the chance to include an extra-large seat, upholstery on the back rest and a choice of castors to build the chair of your dreams.

Advice for dealing with back pain

Your choice of seat is important, however there are good practices that you should work into your routine to provide you with additional protection from back pain.

The most important thing you can do if you regularly sit for long periods of time is get up from your seat and walk around before you start to feel pain. This prevents the muscles becoming strained from being contracted for too long, and it allows you to mobilise the joints and the muscles in the pelvis and the lower back.

You should also get into the habit of moving your shoulders and neck frequently before any stiffness or pain occurs. This can be done by rotating your shoulder blades and moving or stretching your neck, which can all be performed while sitting.

Ergonomic chair specialists

We hope that our guide to the best chairs for back pain has helped guide you to the right chair for you. As you can see, there are a wide range of chairs out there that have subtle or major differences, and each of these chairs are better suited to some individuals than others.

If you would like more information on chairs for back pain or perhaps you are looking for more specific information about other topics such as what are the best office chairs for short people, then check out our website or get in touch with our team for more information.