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Best Ergonomic Chairs for Hip Pain

Best Ergonomic Chairs for Hip Pain

Hip pain can affect us in many ways, with the most well known being arthritis brought on with age.

However, you do not necessarily need to be above a certain age to be hit with hip pain. There are many other reasons why someone could encounter hip problems because any type of frequent or lasting strain on the tendons and ligaments within the hips can lead to pain. One of the most common ways that we create repetitive strains in our hips is through the way we sit.

Ergonomic desk chairs are designed to work with the body so that there is not too much stress on any one body part, mainly the lower back and hips. This means that our natural posture is supported, leading to a long and problem free life for our bones, joints and muscles.

Carry on reading for more information on how you can work out what chair is best for you if you are currently suffering with hip pain or want to avoid hip pain in the future.

Best chair for lower back and hip pain UK

There is not one best office chair for hip pain that would suit everyone. Because everyone sits differently, it is possible that one chair may be good for someone yet uncomfortable and painful for another.

Nevertheless, there are a few standout features that you should look for when deciding on a chair that you will spend a lot of time sitting in if you want to avoid hip pain.

This includes:

  • a foamy seat that offers support without being too soft or firm,
  • a backrest that reclines up to 135°,
  • a seat that tilts forwards and allows your hips to be slightly higher up than your knees while your knees can bend at a 90° to 100° angle.

And just like there is a type of chair that is the best type of chair for sciatica, there is also a type of chair that is best for hip pain: saddle chairs.

Saddle chairs force you to sit upright and with an open hip angle which keeps your spine in a healthy shape by preventing lordosis (curvature) in the lower vertebrae.

Here is a selection of chairs that we stock at PAM Health that would be suitable for you if you currently have, or want to avoid, hip pain.


One of the best possible chairs you could buy to alleviate hip pain is the ZenkiSit-Stand chair from Ergochair.

This chair is designed to bridge the gap between traditional sitting chairs and more modern standing chairs. By encouraging frequent changes in sitting postures, the ZenkiSit-Stand keeps you moving between ergonomic positions which is one of the best ways that you can go about avoiding experiencing hip or posture pains.

The seat on this chair is angled forwards enough to support you either when you are fully sitting or when you are in more of a perched position. As well as this, it is composed of VE memory foam and has a dedicated coccyx zone for ultimate comfort.

If you have the facilities to work both seated and standing, then the ZenkiSit-Stand is definitely one of the first chairs that you should consider.

Hag Capisco Chair 8106

Known around the world as one of the best chairs for lower back and hip pain, the HAG Capisco is just as sought after today as it was when it launched over 30 years ago.

The best-in-class saddle chair from HAG comes with a Balanced Movement Mechanism and adjustable tilt tension so that your posture is supported in as many positions as possible, all while keeping your hips open and pliable.

Aside from its leading ergonomic features, what sets the HAG Capisco apart from other chairs is its design. No other saddle chair looks anything remotely like it, leaving it with a very unique yet subtle style. Small features like elegantly curved legs and a three point back rest showcases the Scandinavian influence of the chair, which has been a staple in interior design for decades.

Regardless of where you work or what you do, the HAG Capisco saddle chair will no doubt be one of the best chairs that you could have the pleasure of sitting on, and will make your desk space stand out.

Best sitting position for hip pain

Whatever chair you choose, there is important information that you should keep in mind if you want to support your hip health for the long-term.

In this article, we focused on features like seat tilt and back support, yet one of the worst factors that cause hip pain is a seat height that is incorrect for you individually. Fortunately, even the most basic office chairs come with height adjustment, so regardless of what you are sitting in you should ensure that your hips are either level or slightly higher than your knees to keep your hip joint at an ideal angle.

If the chair is too high for you, then you will have to sit too far forwards to keep your feet on the floor which means that your back is unsupported. Or conversely, if you sit back in the seat then your legs will not reach the floor and as such there will be an immense pressure build up in the backs of your legs.

What this means is that if you are taller than the average person, then you will need to shop for an office chair for tall people because otherwise your ergonomic chair will not be able to work efficiently.

However, if your chair height is too small for you, then you run the risk of your knees being positioned above your hips which is something that you definitely want to avoid. So you will also have to find a chair that has an adjustable height range that works for your height.

By taking frequent standing breaks you can help keep your posture healthy.

Another thing that you can do is an office chair hip flexor stretch. While sitting, simply cross one leg over your opposite knee and gently lean forwards while pressing on your crossed leg. You should feel a gentle stretch in your hips and gluteus muscle. Repeat this with both legs multiple times a day to keep your hips in good working condition and ensure that your circulation remains optimal throughout the day.

Ergonomic chairs for everyone at PAM Health

We hope our guide to the best chairs for hip pain has been helpful for you. There is nothing that makes us happier than helping you find a solution to your problems from one of our products.

Take a look at our complete store for more examples of ergonomic chairs that are designed to be comfortable for people with a range of posture issues.