SureFire Portus X2 Gaming Laptop Stand – PAM Ergonomics
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SureFire Portus X2 Gaming Laptop Stand

SKU: SUF48843

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SureFire Portus X2 Gaming Laptop Stand

Twenty viewing angles of the SureFire Portus X2 Multi-Function Gaming Laptop Stand make it simple to place laptops, Macs, or tablets for extended gaming sessions. The platform has foldable stand legs that raise it to three different heights for the ideal eye line and provide room underneath for storing the keyboard and mouse.

There will be plenty of play in ergonomic comfort—no more hunching, neck stiffness, back pain, shoulder pain, or eye strain. The Portus can hold laptops up to 10kg (22lbs) and 10-17.3 inches in size. It is made of high-quality aluminium and ABS.