SureFire KingPin M1 Gaming Keyboard – PAM Ergonomics
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SureFire KingPin M1 Gaming Keyboard

SKU: SUF48713

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SureFire KingPin M1 Gaming Keyboard

The KingPin M1 is perfect for compact setups with limited desk space. The robust software is ideal for carrying to events, LAN parties, or tournaments and enables players to disable keys for better game performance, configure functions for each key, and build and manage macros.

Performance gamers love the smooth keypress of the red mechanical switches because they have linear travel and little spring force. The SureFire KingPin M1 won't let you down with a guaranteed 50 million keystrokes and a lightning-fast 1ms response time.

Delivering all the functionality of a regular gaming keyboard, compressed neatly to 60%, it does not lose functionality because all missing inputs are still accessible via secondary functions and shortcuts.