S-Board 840 (Saturnus) Keyboard – PAM Ergonomics
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S-Board 840 (Saturnus) Keyboard

SKU: M64

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A compact, lightweight Scissor action keyboard that combines ergonomics with a stylish design. With 2 USB ports (USB hub).

The Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 is a compact ergonomic mini keyboard for use with laptop and desktop PCs. This keyboard has conveniently placed navigation keys, an integrated numeric pad, a larger enter key, and two USB ports. Thanks to the scissor mechanism the S board 840 has a light key touch. The keyboard of the S-board 840 has non-reflective light-grey keys. Extra wide space-bar and user-friendly positioned arrow keys. Thanks to its compact shape the user has to reach less far for the mouse, avoiding excessive strain. The keyboard also curbs mouse use because it has specific function keys, for actions such as cutting and pasting.