R-Go Compact Break Wired Keyboard – PAM Ergonomics
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R-Go Compact Break Wired Keyboard

SKU: RG49138

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R-Go Compact Break Wired Keyboard

For comfortable typing, the R-Go Break Wired Keyboard offers all the necessary ergonomic characteristics. Your hands will always be within shoulder width when using the keyboard and mouse at the same time thanks to the small design. The gentle keystroke eases the strain that comes with typing.

Because the keyboard is so narrow, typing puts your hands and wrists in a calm, natural position. This guarantees improved blood flow to your hands. A break indicator on the keyboard lets you know when it's time to take a break by flashing different colours.

The light changes colour while you type; if it becomes green, you are working healthily. When it turns orange, it's time for a break, and when it turns red, it's been too long since your last break.