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Present Pal App

SKU: CN09-058

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Present Pal App

Present Pal is a presentation support software which acts like a set of interactive flashcards on your smartphone or tablet, integrating fully with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Present Pal has various expert advised features such as 3-5 bullet points per flashcard, line focus scrolling and pop up bubbles which have been tailored to the needs of individuals with SpLDs and mental health issues. Users can also personalise Present Pal to suit their individual needs by choosing from scientifically proven colour overlays and accessible fonts to reduce visual stress whilst presenting.


  • 3-5 bullet points to exaggerate key trigger words
  • Line focus scrolling for enhanced readability
  • Pop up bubbles to support the working memory
  • Stopwatch to improve time management
  • Colour overlays to eliminate visual stress
  • PowerPoint integration to control slides seamlessly

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