Mind Genius 20 Perpetual Licence PC – PAM Ergonomics
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Mind Genius 20 Perpetual Licence PC

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Mind Genius 20 Perpetual Licence PC

A core strength of MindGenius is the ability to brainstorm and capture ideas, either individually or in class, and create a visual representation. Visualizing ideas in this way helps to build understanding on any topic and is a good basis for essay and report frameworks. MindGenius also contains functionality to help with studying and managing tasks and projects.


  • An automatically created Word Cloud enables users to quickly gauge the emerging themes during brainstorming, requirements gathering and other group sessions.
  • Seamless integration with a range of cloud storage providers will allow users to save and open files in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive directly from MindGenius
  • The unique Map Explorer gets a new ‘Pan’ mode enabling users to scroll quickly to any area of a large map
  • In-place editing, replaces the ‘Add Branch’ dialog, providing a cleaner map view for presentations and brainstorming
  • Total Cost and Quantity calculations can be added to selected branches within the map
  • Project managers will benefit from additional project percentage resourcing capabilities and the ability to customise the Gantt chart

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