Kensington SmartFit Laptop Riser – PAM Ergonomics
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Kensington SmartFit Laptop Riser

SKU: AC59909

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Kensington SmartFit Laptop Riser

The Kensington SmartFit Easy Riser Go Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Riser and Cooling Stand combines the ergonomic advantages of raising your screen height with the technological advantages of improved air circulation for your laptop.

The svelte 2-in-1 design is height and angle adjustable to assist neck and shoulder comfort, promote appropriate eye alignment, and enhance posture while maintaining the laptop's internal components at a comfortable temperature.

Padded inserts provide your device a secure fit, anti-slip foot cushions keep the stand from slipping forward, and the thin, foldable form is ideal for travel. supports gaming and ordinary 17-inch laptops.