Jaws Dongle Conversion 2020 – PAM Ergonomics
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Jaws Dongle Conversion 2020

SKU: CN08-017

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Jaws Dongle Conversion 2020

Conversion of a JAWS Licence to a dongle activation.

A dongle is a hardware device that you can connect to a computer's USB port (depending on the type of dongle). JAWS is authorised to run on that computer as long as the dongle remains connected. This is useful if you frequently need to use JAWS on many different computers and do not want to activate the program on each of them.


  • Improved Performance when Using JAWS and ZoomText Together
  • Migrate Settings from Prior Versions of JAWS
  • Completely New Import and Export for JAWS
  • Customised User Settings
  • Restrict Virtual Cursor in Web-Based dialog boxes
  • New Speech Option as You Move the Physical Mouse Around the Screen
  • Lower the Audio from Other Programs While JAWS is Speaking

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