Go Eco Air – PAM Ergonomics
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Go Eco Air

SKU: GEA-017

*Please note: If you're located in the Scottish Highlands or have any further questions about our products please contact us on 0808 196 8822

The Go Eco: AIR is crafted from sustainable timber and features non-toxic, low environmental impact plastic. 

Transforming effortlessly into a laptop stand with five adjustable angles, Go Eco: AIR elevates your workspace while promoting comfort and productivity. Its smart design includes a pull-out feature for your smartphone or tablet, doubling as a convenient A4 copy holder for larger laptops. Crafted with care from sustainable timber and meticulously hand-finished, AIR embodies both style and sustainability.


  • Crafted from sustainable timber
  • Handmade, hand-finished, and hand-assembled for quality assurance
  • Designed with repair or recycling in mind
  • Features a convenient smartphone and tablet cradle
  • Easily folds flat for transportation convenience
  • Supports laptops up to 17”
  • Offers five adjustable settings for personalized comfort
  • Equipped with non-slip feet for stability
  • Receive a FREE rPert Ergo Case with your purchase, completing your ergonomic setup with ease.