Global AutoCorrect 4 PC/Mac - DSA – PAM Ergonomics
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Global AutoCorrect 4 PC/Mac - DSA

SKU: CN09-036

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Global AutoCorrect 4 PC/Mac - DSA

Global AutoCorrect is a discreet and intuitive software tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes in the background. The software works in all programs, instantly correcting your spelling as you type. It enables you to focus on the content of your ideas rather than your spelling.


  • Global Compatibility - works with Microsoft Office, email, all web browsers, mind-mapping software and more.
  • Real human pronunciations and dictionary entries when creating new entries.
  • New entries downloaded from LexAble (optional).
  • Easy to add, edit or remove AutoCorrections.
  • Track and print your most common misspellings.
  • Stop AutoCorrecting in chosen programs (games, instant messaging, etc.)

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