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ATW Texthelp Read and Write Three Year Licence (Non Education)

SKU: CN09-065

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ATW Texthelp Read and Write Three Year Licence (Non Education)

Providing the ultimate support tool for dyslexic students and adults, Read and Write offers users speech feedback and word prediction for practically any Windows program - for example, your word processor, spreadsheet, DTP, encyclopaedia, web page, Help file or an educational program.

Read and Write has been specifically designed for users with dyslexia and provides many tools to help access and compose written material. Features include high-quality speech feedback, phonetic spell checker, word prediction, dictionary and talking calculator.

The style of the toolbar can be customised to be appropriate to the age of the user. Users can chose whether they want basic or advanced word lists and definitions in the dictionary, word prediction list and homophone checker.


  • Extensive speech feedback functions using the highest quality voices available. Speech feedback options allow you to hear text as you type letter by letter, word by word or sentence by sentence or have text highlighted as it is read out
  • Synchronised speech with text highlighted within an application, in a separate windows or with one word displayed at a time
  • Screen-reading options enable speech from icons, menus, help files and menus
  • Spell checking as you type or by marked block. The spell checker includes medical and scientific words as well as town and city names
  • Homophone support including highlighting confusable words within Word documents
  • Phonetic spell checking gives Spelt Alike and Sounds Alike suggestions
  • Word suggestion and completion ("word prediction") for slow typists based on sentence context and specialist dictionaries

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