Cherry KC 4500 Ergo Wired Keyboard - Black – PAM Ergonomics
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Cherry KC 4500 Ergo Wired Keyboard - Black

SKU: CH09395

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Cherry KC 4500 Ergo Wired Keyboard - Black

With the Cherry KC 4500 Ergo Wired Ergonomic Keyboard, you can get relief from sore shoulders, cramps, and other uncomfortable side effects brought on by poor posture. Your hands and arms naturally assume a more comfortable position thanks to its unique design. Your shoulders and back are relieved, and your relaxed posture lessens stress. With its extremely soft memory foam palm rest, you can rest your hands comfortably while avoiding pressure points.

You may lift the front of the keyboard using the three feet. Particularly while working while standing, this position is comfortable. Once you've gotten acclimated to the unique design, typing is as simple and easy as it is on any other Cherry keyboard.