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Bakker Elkhuizen Goldtouch Keyboard UK

SKU: BAK99129

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Bakker Elkhuizen Goldtouch Keyboard UK

An ergonomic split keyboard for your fixed workplace is the Goldtouch Adjustable V2. This ergonomic split keyboard's inclination angle can be slightly changed between 0 and 30 degrees, and it is guaranteed that the keyboard will be incredibly stable throughout. For users of the ten-finger technique who type blindly, a split keyboard is advised. According to DIN EN ISO standards, the keys have a key centre distance of 19 mm, which ensures efficient typing.

The Goldtouch has status LEDs, built-in multimedia buttons, and keys on the left side for improved left-right arm labour distribution. You may improve your job effectiveness and maintain a good working posture with the help of this ergonomic split keyboard.