3M Privacy Filter 24in Monitor 16:10 – PAM Ergonomics
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3M Privacy Filter 24in Monitor 16:10

SKU: 3M41503

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3M Privacy Filter 24in Monitor 16:10

While providing superior "black out" privacy from side views outside of the 60 degree viewing angle, 3M Privacy Filters also offer a fantastic viewing experience from direct views. Reversible between a glossy and glare-reducing matte side that is touchably smooth, cuts down on glare, and hides fingerprints so you can enjoy crystal-clear image clarity.

Without changing the display's original colours, the filter helps to cut down on blue light. Thanks to incredibly powerful magnets that clip the filter firmly into place, the 3M COMPLYMagnetic Attach enables you to quickly switch between unparalleled privacy and screen sharing.