Electric Quad Motor Desk (Height Adjustable 64-130cm) – PAM Ergonomics
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Electric Quad Motor Desk (Height Adjustable 64-130cm)


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The EDF14Q electric double desk helps reduce your sitting hours and maintain a healthier working habit. It is a worthy upgrade to the  EDF04Q quad-motor sit-stand desks thanks to your feedback:

  1. Improved collision detection: the standing desks are fitted two sensors – a conventional sensor that monitors the electric current (to the motor), and a giro sensor for minor disturbances to levelness (similar to how your smartphone senses how you look at the screen);
  2. Adjustable min and max height, so the desk won’t bump into an overhanging cabinet or an under-desk pedestal;
  3. Clean appearance: all screws hidden.

With a simple touch, the sit-stand desks can be adjusted to any height between 64 to 130 cm (62-128cm excluding the desk top). The quad motors run very fast (averaging 38 mm/s, twice as fast as competitors) and quiet (< 50 dB, lower than typical office noise level). The steel frame is stable and sturdy.